88 Creative Keys Piano Improvisation Workshop

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At 88 Creative Keys, piano students and teachers learn to balance traditional reading skills with improvisation in an upbeat and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable exploring new concepts. Immerse yourself in engaging presentations with advanced teaching technology, hands-on instruction on your own keyboard, large and small piano ensembles, “off the bench” activities, and optional private lessons.


Our students are:

  • Passionate about the piano
  • Enjoy playing and socializing with other piano people
  • Interested in exploring unfamiliar and exciting ways to make music
  • Enthused about an intensive program of learning
  • Of intermediate technical ability with basic reading skills
  • Able to play scales and primary triads in the keys of C/Am, F/Dm, G/Em, Bb and D without hesitation.
  • Capable of playing Maj7, Dom7, and min7 chords on any white key with some thought.

88 Creative Keys Past and Upcoming Events

July 6-13 2016: Denver--more details coming soon!

January 22, 2016 Winter Webinar--Top Pop Tips with special guest Tim Topham: Online


July 2015 Summer Improvisation Camp: Boogie, Blues, and Beatles: Denver

Learn to play and teach:

  • Toe-tapping left-hand boogie patterns
  • Rip-snorting right-hand licks
  • Basic and advanced blues progressions
  • Classic rock tunes from the Fab Four

Here's my original boogie that I mastered after 88CKC 2015

July 2014 Creative Keys Summer IMprovisation Camp: Ohio and Denver

July 2013 First! 88 Creative Keys Summer Improvisation Camp: Denver