Session Title #1

Group Improvisation On and Off the Bench


Learning to improvise can begin in a social setting away from the piano bench. Discover how to engage pianists of any age in dynamic group activities off the bench and how to transfer them to creativity at the keyboard.


Various manipulatives and repurposed items are used to create action-packed fun to spur creativity.

The interactive approach will require audience participation.

At least one (or more) digital keyboard would be preferred.

Tech-savvy tools are used to enhance many activities.

Activities may include one or more of the following:

  • One Note Improv
  • Pachelbel Paint Strips
  • 12-bar Blues
  • Happy Birthday
  • Lead Sheets
  • Cup Dance
  • Paper Plate Dance
  • Baroque Ornaments
  • Body Beat Cards
  • Heart and Soul


Appreciation for the importance of integrating creativity into every lesson.

Off the bench activities that will develop and enhance student creativity at the keys.

Tips for successful keyboard improvisation within a group setting.

Session Title #2

Increase Summer Fun and Income: Let the Games Begin!


Income can dip during the summer months even if your policy requires lessons. A break from the routine can be just the ticket to reinvigorate student learning and teacher earnings. Discover how to customize a Piano Olympic Camp with activities that engage, motivate and meet the needs of your students. 


Every aspect of customizing a Piano Olympics camp is provided:

Finances: how to boost income during summer months and what to charge.

Logistics: how to successfully schedule camps to suit students’ busy summer schedules.

Curriculum: how to develop and modify a curriculum that combines learning and fun for groups of mixed skill levels and ages.

Activities: how to find and implement on-and-off-the-bench activities that engage and reinforce learning.


Resources and inspiration that will equip attendees with tools to invent a camp to suit their studio.

The promise of increased studio income as Piano Olympics leads to higher student retention and may attract new students.

Session Title #3

Teaching the Mobile Generation with Today’s Hottest Apps


Learn how the iPad can be an essential tool to bridge the gap between you and the students warming your bench. .


After a humorous look at the unprecedented changes in technology, attendees will discover how to:

Make time to use the iPad in lessons

Secure the top apps for use in and out of lessons

Develop lesson plans and activities using apps to reinforce studio curriculums


Accumulate a list of go-to apps to build a tech-savvy studio.

Discover how to construct time for using the iPad in and outside of lessons.

Secure specific lesson plans designed around apps to enhance your teaching.

Obtain resources for ongoing support.

Session Title #4

Sparking Creativity with Today’s Hottest Apps


Well-balanced musicians are capable of not only reading and playing music but creating it as well. Sparking the musical imaginations of budding composers requires multiple resources, a willingness to explore and a good dose of patience from both the student and teacher. Learn how 21st-century tools can trigger creativity and generate enthusiasm to complete ear-pleasing projects.


The session will cover:

  • Why creativity is important to music instruction.
  • When to include creativity in lessons.
  • How to spur creativity even with the most apprehensive student.
  • The best tech-savvy notation tools for young composers.
  • The dynamic approach to this session will require audience participation.


Learn simple ideas for inspiring musical imaginations.

See how the latest apps can spark creative juices. 

Collect specific lesson plans that transform original student ideas into professional-looking notated master pieces.

Discover how to add videos to finished manuscripts with the help of dynamic QR codes.

Session Title #5

Give your Students a Gift that Will Make them the Life of the Party


Encourage pianists to create their own arrangement of “Happy Birthday to You.” Acquire plans for private and group lessons that equip pianists of all levels to play the traditional tune with style. This process can be easily applied to any other tune.


Specific steps will be discussed on how to teach this tune by ear, guide students through the process of harmonizing the melody and ultimately creating a “keepsake” arrangement that can be pulled out at every birthday. Tips on how to modify this process for every level of student are included.

Audience participation is required and will be rewarded with cake.


A sequential series of tactics to teach “Happy Birthday to You” that are appropriate for beginners to advanced players.

Lesson plans that offer bite-sized portions to serve and build upon from week to week.

Tips on how to teach the tune by ear.

A unique method for adding chords to the melody.

Strategies for creating a more elaborate arrangement.

Activities for group lessons that include ensemble opportunities and improvisation.

Tech-savvy tools to enhance the learning process.

Knowledge that can be transferred to unlocking any lead sheet

Session Title #6

Finding Time to Be Creative


It’s hard to imagine squeezing one more element into a 30-minute lesson. By uncovering the components of creativity, learn how creativity simply begins with teaching creatively. Accumulate tips on how to infuse creativity into every lesson, examples of creative-based activities for private and group instruction and gather a list of savvy resources to trigger musical imaginations. 


With hand-picked, bite-sized nuggets you can trigger creativity in the already jam-packed traditional lesson.  Learn ways to ignite imaginations while teaching

  • Theory concepts
  • Repertoire
  • Music History
  • Practice strategies
  • Sight reading
  • Ensembles
  • Rhythm
  • Performance Skills
  • Memorization

Experience four creative-based activities for use in private and group lessons

  • Pentatonic Scale
  • 12 Bar Blues
  • Pachelbel Canon
  • Lead Sheets


Discover your own latent creativity waiting to be tapped or expand your already creative palette.

Obtain specific creative-boosting activities for private and group lessons on and off the bench.

Learn specific tips for building creative pianists.

Session Title #7

Set Your Studio Apart On and Off the Bench


Want twice the time with students without adding more teaching hours and earn extra income? Discover the magic of including off-bench time with every lesson. Students arrive two at a time–one working with you at the bench, while another works independently, off the bench, using various resources and the latest technology.


Learn how to resolve fears about time, space, expense of this unique lesson format with reasonable and affordable solutions. Gather detailed tips and guidance for implementing this off-bench time. Clever and inexpensive ideas for what to do during the extra time that require NO technology OR the latest technology.


Feel equipped to talk parents into Off-Bench time.

Learn how to implement a schedule that allows more income and more time with students without adding more hours to a full day of teaching. 

Session Title #8

Use Pop Music to Inspire Composing


Have you ever asked your students what’s on their mobile device playlist? Do students return from the latest blockbuster movie passionate about the sound track? Exploring these personal preferences can serve as a gold mine of inspiration for either you and/or your potential composers. Learn how to use those nuggets to spur ideas for student improvisation, arrangements and original compositions.


Using my students’ original compositions and improvisations as examples, I’ll walk through the process used to guide and motivate these young composers.

The steps will help you help your students:

  • Unlock their own musical imaginations by borrowing from their favorite tunes.
  • Learn how to get under the hood of a tune and observe the simplicity behind creativity.
  • Set up required boundaries and limitations that enhance sound and symmetry.
  • Morph “stolen” clips into fresh, original and appealing ideas.

Tech-savvy, mobile-friendly tools and resources for igniting imaginations and notating compositions will be shared.


With practical steps and tech-savvy tools you can assist your students in creating original and ear-pleasing compositions. Maybe even the next top hit!

Session Title #9

Preparing Pianists for the Church Worship Band


This session is based on a 3-hour workshop to be held in my church (March 2016) in tandem with two dynamic, young, hip worship leaders in-the-know.


Tips will help you:

  • Brush up on chord symbols.
  • Learn new ways to voice the same old chords.
  • Discover how to blend with the other band members.
  • Get your groove on.
  • Develop ear skills to match reading skills.
  • Collect tech savvy tools to boost your worship team experience.


Feel challenged and and excited to be a better worship pianist.

Be less intimidated about improvisation.

Understand how important it is to be a team player and listen to the rest of the band.

Know how to access resources to improve skills.

Learn tips for how to listen to a song’s instrumentation, map, dynamics, and more.

Gain a reinforced commitment to practicing in the piano.

Gather simple tips for understanding when the piano is the primary, support, or accent instrument in a song

Discover tools and apps for voicing chords and be more comfortable reading chord charts.

Learn about how to utilize the latest tech tools in the business.