Hi, my students call me Ms Leila.

I’m drawn to discovering innovative teaching methods to encourage you to stick to the bench for life. Customizing lessons for each student is a priority and therefore I offer “blended” instruction in Classical, Jazz, and Pop along with creativity beyond the page.

Every student not only has a private lesson but a Off Bench Time as well. Assignments during this time include reinforcement of concepts discussed at lessons, music history, sight reading, ear training and more. Most often exercises are complete on the iPad, my favorite teaching assistant.

With state of the art instruments (I can’t wait for you to meet Bella, my Yamaha C6), the latest technology and a determination to develop the full potential of each pianist, my approach remains fresh, innovative and inspirational. My goal is that each student (including you!) will find making music at the piano bench irresistible.

Musically yours,

Ms Leila


Professional Highlights

My fascination with the iPad and apps resulted in the book The iPad Piano Studio: Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps. What began as an idea, a nudge and then a reality is now serving as required reading for SMU graduate pedagogy students.

Invited by Pete Jutras, the editor of Clavier Companion, I now pen a column for the piano magazine called “Apps for Teaching.”

I’ve served on planning committees for the MNTA (Music Teachers National Association) 2013 Jazz/Pop Track, the MNTA 2014 Improvisation Track and was appointed co-chair of programs by Sam Holland SMU-IPT (Southern Methodist University Institute for Piano Teachers) 2014 and NCKP (National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy) 2015.

Much of the above activities in the previous paragraph has to do with my good friend and colleague Bradley Sowash–a dynamic jazz pianist, author and educator. He contacted me in 2012 to help him plan the 2013 Jazz/Pop track. Things haven’t stopped since then as we have co-founded 88 Creative Keys. This joint venture features camps, clinics and workshops to promote creativity. Our efforts have been coined “The Eye/Ear Revolution.”

If you wish to hear the latest about the 88 Creative Keys Camp, Clinics, Workshop and registration details,  please click here to subscribe to the Newsletter and/or read the 88 Creative Keys Blog.

I frequently write and present on behalf for JoyTunes, an Israeli app developer of the award-winning Piano Maestro.

When not teaching, blogging, planning…I am usually practicing the organ and piano for my church position, adjudicating piano and composition competitions, presenting at conferences, exercising, and if there’s any time left, reading a good book (on my iPad, of course). Over the years I’ve spent a great deal of time attending soccer, football or basketball games of my three sons. Yes, they play piano too.


  • South Suburban Music Teachers Association
  • Colorado State Music Teachers Association
  • Music Teachers National Association
  • National Federation of Music Clubs, Denver South

South Suburban Christian Church (Littleton, CO):

  • Organist
  • Pianist
  • Accompanist

Englewood Public Schools (2003-2008):

  • Keyboard Class Instructor

Private Studio (since 1987):

  • All ages and abilities
  • Yamaha C6 Grand, Kawai Studio, Clavinova CVP-505, Computer/Software, iPad, iPad 3


  • National Federation of Music Clubs Local and State Level Piano Contests
  • National Federation of Music Clubs National Composition Contest
  • Local and State Area Music Teacher Association Festivals