Inspirations for teaching

Practicing and performing at the organ and piano each week at South Suburban Christian Church provides…

  • stimulation
  • opportunities to put practice strategies discussed at lessons into practice on a weekly basis
  • situations to succeed at performing under pressure, understanding how important the abilities to sight read and improvise are to a musician

Teaching 2nd-8th grade students in large keyboard classes at a number of public schools provides…

  • challenges to make each musical concept clear for any age
  • challenges to keep myself organized
  • a clear perspective of the benefits and enjoyment of group teaching
  • a clear perspective of how wonderful a private-lesson setting is for individual learning


Students of any age will develop the necessary skills to become creative, comprehensive, tech-savvy independent pianists allowing them to enjoy making music on the bench for a lifetime.

Over the years the above statement has been my mission as a teacher. As I continue teaching, my focus is narrowing towards students who are specifically interested in improvisation, jazz, pop, Christian comtemporary and composition along with standard repertoire. 


Other Philosophical Highlights

Music is an essential part of an individual’s developmental and educational experience at any age.

Developing one’s musical potential through a comprehensive piano curriculum instills discipline, confidence, musicianship and lifelong enjoyment of music.

Comprehensive musicianship is achieved by integrating eye AND ear skills. Students will be encouraged to improvise, read lead sheets, compose and develop musical imaginations on a regular basis.

An enjoyable, challenging and satisfying, tech-savvy learning environment is provided at each lesson to encourage students to develop reading, theory, writing, listening, and playing skills at the piano.

The joint efforts of teacher, student and parent(s) are a primary key to lesson preparation and progress on the bench.

Motivation, consistent lesson-attendance and well-defined practice strategies are a guarantee for success and independence at the piano for anyone at any age and any skill level.

Musical tastes vary and therefore music choices will be made primarily by the student with the teacher providing selections and guidance.